Sagittarius Profile Snapshot

Sagittarius Astrology Profile Snapshot

David Linda onabreak IMG 2816 15 150x150 Sagittarius Profile SnapshotGoing forward, I will refer to the described Sagittarius Astrology profile (Sagittarius CType), for both men and women as he, his, or him. The reason for this is that all descriptions herein are of the Masculine Mind (astrology sun sign), which is the masculine aspect of each of us. When we refer to the Masculine Mind, we refer to the thinking mind, the part of us that thinks, talks, and reasons. Reading about a Sagittarius being described as he, his, or him can be confusing at times, especially when we are talking about a Sagittarius woman. It may feel as though we are talking about Sagittarius males only. We aren’t. Man or woman, herein we are talking about you, the masculine (thinking) aspect of you.

We look at the Masculine Mind, as opposed to the Feminine Mind, Authoritarian Mind, or Spiritual Mind, because the Masculine Mind is easiest to access and work with in enhancing Sagittarius relationships with others. For practical purposes, the training required to work with the other Astrological parts of the mind precludes them from general usefulness. Fear not. Working with the Sagittarius Masculine Mind is a powerful tool for understanding others and proactively creating and deepening Sagittarius relationships with self and others. Working with the Masculine Mind naturally opens up space for other parts of the mind to heal and grow. When Sagittarius Masculine Mind evolves and heals, so do his/her Feminine, Authoritarian, and Spiritual Minds. As Sagittarius CType men or women grow and heal, their relationships, both opposite or same sex, deepen and mature.

Sagittarius CType Principle:

It is very important to keep in mind that every Astrology profile (CType) gets in trouble in life when he or she does too much of his or her natural Astrology profile. Sagittarius Astrology profile creates problems for itself and in its relationships when he or she does too much Sagittarius. The solution to Sagittarius CType problems and the way Sagittarius grows personally and professionally is for Sagittarius to move toward its opposite, Gemini CType profile. The move to its opposite is difficult for all Astrology signs. However, it is the move toward our opposites that allows all human beings to grow and evolve holistically–mind, body and spirit. It is also the move to our opposite CType that allows us to heal and enhance our relationships with the most important people in our lives. The move to one’s opposite CType profile becomes a mastery—we become masters in creating the relationships of our dreams.

Let’s take a look at a snapshot of Sagittarius Masculine Mind Profile (astrology sun sign).

Sagittarius — The Visionary One, Inwardly Directed Discrimination – Nov. 22–Dec. 21 (opposite Gemini)

Sagittarius Profile Snapshot

4 Sagittarius4 300x300 Sagittarius Profile SnapshotSagittarius (Sag) Masculine Mind looks in at the Feminine Mind, takes memories from the past, and puts them together in a new way to create potential futures or “new” memories. Thus, Sagittarius Masculine Mind is always making elaborate plans, taking the past and creating new futures, all without the benefit of coming out of the mind and looking around to see what is going on in the world. You could call Sagittarius the “Don’t Bother Me with the Facts” Character. He takes whatever information is in the Feminine Mind and churns it around every which way, oblivious to the possibility of bringing in new information from the outside world.

He is very much like a spreadsheet program: plug in any data and the newly calculated results will ripple throughout the whole file. However, while Sagittarius is arranging and rearranging the same set of data in many different ways and playing with all the different possibilities, he is unaware that he may need to be in a whole different program known as “the real world.” This CType not only creates new thoughts from old ones, but he also constantly dissects the old memories to analyze their contents. Thus, Sagittarius tends to be philosophical, pondering the ultimate origin of things he has experienced.

In taking memories from the past and combining them into forms of potential futures, Sagittarius skips the present, living life primarily in the past and future. A visionary and planner, Sagittarius may have a difficult time achieving closure because he constantly adds to his plans. He tends to plan forever. I call this the “spin cycle.” Literally, the Sag Masculine Mind spins out idea after idea, creating a Taj Mahal where a single-story tilt-up might be more appropriate. With little input from the outside world, these plans tend to be grandiose, complex, and difficult to implement. Sagittarius always seems to have too much to do because his mind can create additions and complexities to the “to do” list faster than even the most productive person can complete the tasks. Because others seem to get things done more readily and completely, Sagittarius tends to compare his own abilities unfavorably against theirs.

In business, Sagittarius can be a visionary, creating something in his mind that is a real breakthrough. We must always listen to what Sagittarius has created and not discount these creations as “unrealistic.” We just might be hearing a revolutionary idea.

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