Aquarius Profile Snapshot

Aquarius Astrology Profile Snapshot

Going forward, I will refer to the described Aquarius CType profile, for both men and women as he, his, or him. The reason for this is that all descriptions herein are of the Masculine Mind (astrology sun sign), which is the masculine aspect of each of us. When we refer to the Masculine Mind, we refer to the thinking mind, the part of us that thinks, talks, and reasons. Reading about an Aquarius being described as he, his, or him can be confusing at times, especially when we are talking about an Aquarius woman. It may feel as though we are talking about Aquarius males only. We aren’t. Man or woman, herein we are talking about you, the masculine (thinking) aspect of you.

We look at the Masculine Mind, as opposed to the Feminine Mind, Authoritarian Mind, or Spiritual Mind, because the Masculine Mind is easiest to access and work with in enhancing Aquarius relationships with others. For practical purposes, the training required to work with the other Astrological parts of the mind precludes them from general usefulness. Fear not. Working with the Aquarius Masculine Mind is a powerful tool for understanding others and proactively creating and deepening Aquarius relationships with self and others. Working with the Masculine Mind naturally opens up space for other parts of the mind to heal and grow. When Aquarius Masculine Mind evolves and heals, so do his/her Feminine, Authoritarian, and Spiritual Minds. As Aquarius CType men or women grow and heal, their relationships, both opposite or same sex, deepen and mature.

Aquarius CType Principle:

It is very important to keep in mind that every Astrology profile (CType) gets in trouble in life when he or she does too much of his or her natural Astrology profile. Aquarius Astrology profile creates problems for itself and in its relationships when he or she does too much Aquarius. The solution to Aquarius CType problems and the way Aquarius grows personally and professionally is for Aquarius to move toward its opposite, Leo CType profile. The move to its opposite is difficult for all Astrology signs. However, it is the move toward our opposites that allows all human beings to grow and evolve holistically–mind, body and spirit. It is also the move to our opposite CType that allows us to heal and enhance our relationships with the most important people in our lives. The move to one’s opposite CType profile becomes a mastery—we become masters in creating the relationships of our dreams.

Let’s take a look at a snapshot of Aquarius Masculine Mind Profile (astrology sun sign).

Aquarius — The Observant One, Outwardly Directed Sensation – Jan. 20–Feb. 19 (opposite Leo)

Aquarius Profile Snapshot

Aquarius Masculine Mind looks out into the external world and brings in any information that can be sensed by the five senses. He doesn’t necessarily do anything with the information he brings in, but it is all there if needed. He usually knows a lot about his world, but because he doesn’t go deeply into his observations, he may feel that he doesn’t have as much substance or as much to contribute as other people. Aquarius profile may feel that he has little power over his world and is at the mercy of his environment. As such, he tends to be very interested in leadership, especially social leadership, where he will be in a position to have some control over his environment.

Aquarius loves to bring new experiences to the senses and therefore likes to travel, see new things, and gather new information. He also tends to be light and airy, even irreverent, as opposed to heavy, intense, or somber. Aquarius CType is very interested in surfaces and textures, but does not often delve beneath the surface. He may, therefore, long for meaning in his life.

A person with Aquarius Astrology profile may feel unhappy for not getting the results he desires when life doesn’t have enough meaning. He may feel rudderless and without direction. Resolving his problems requires a move toward Leo profile, his opposite. Leo profile creates his universe while the universe runs Aquarius’ life.

When you imagine Aquarius growing and seeking social leadership, think of all Oprah has done in this area. Oprah moving from her natural Aquarius Astrology profile to Leo, her opposite CType, has allowed her to become an icon of social leadership. In this move from Aquarius to Leo, Oprah takes charge of her life and her social leadership has had a significant positive impact in the lives of people around the world.

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