CTypes Guides for Leaders & Mangers

CType Guides for Leaders & Managers – Description of Content

1.CTMasculineBright1 300x300 CTypes Guides for Leaders & MangersExecutives, managers, and team leaders in today’s workplace often must navigate a virtual minefield of diverse and conflicting personalities as they supervise and motivate their staff. Fortunately David Dibble’s CTypes provide a simple and proven method for determining an employee’s aptitude for any kind of task, correcting problematic behaviors, boosting team morale, building healthy working relationships, and increasing productivity.

After reading the FREE e-book, CTypes: Models for Thinking and Relating with Self and Others, select the CType Leadership Guides for your CType (based on your astrological sun sign) and then the CType of those with whom you work. (Managers of six or more people will want to consider purchasing the full set of 12 Leadership Guides for your CType.)

Each 10-page guide contains:

  • Essential information you need to know about your specific CType
  • Insights on how to work with any CType
  • Important CType principles that apply to everyone
  • A four-step strategy for addressing any employee matter
  • An effective tool for motivating an employee to take proactive action toward improving his or her performance and behavior
  • A detailed description of the employee’s CType and how those traits affect workplace aptitudes, performance, and behavior
  • A set of specific actions you can take to solve problems with any CType employee and set that employee up to be successful in his/her job
  • David Dibble’s real life examples of working with that CType in the workplace

CTypes Guides for Leaders & Mangers