CTypes Relationship Guides for Couples

CType Relationship Guides for Couples

1.CTMasculineBright1 300x300 CTypes Relationship Guides for CouplesWhether you are looking for that special someone, in a long-term relationship, or married, romantic relationships serve as the primary source of both our greatest joys and challenges in life. They also provide our best opportunities to learn and grow as individuals.

David Dibble’s CType Guides for couples unravel the mysteries of why people act the way they do and say the things they say at various stages of the romantic partnership. In addition to helping you determine a potential mate’s compatibility, CType Guides also provide a proven system to keep any relationship alive, resolve ongoing issues, and take the relationship to ever-deepening levels of intimacy.

After reading the FREE e-book, CTypes: Models for Relating Between Couples at All Stages of the Relationship, select the CType Relationship Guides for your CType (based on your astrological sun sign) and then the CType of that special someone. (Anyone not currently dating someone exclusively will want to consider purchasing the full set of 12 Relationship Guides for their CType.)

Each 14-page guide contains:

  • General guidelines on how CTypes can be used to deepen couples relationships
  • Essential information you need to know about your specific CType
  • Your CType Do’s and Don’ts
  • Insights on how to relate with any CType
  • A four-step strategy for resolving difficulties and growing the relationship
  • Advice on how to approach someone you are interested in regardless of their CType
  • A detailed description of your partner’s, or prospective mate’s, CType and how those traits affect the way they approach romantic relationships
  • What you need to know in order to attract, communicate with, and nurture a relationship with a specific CType partner
  • Four CType-specific tips for growing the relationship with your partner

CTypes Relationship Guides for Couples