Introduction To CTypes Training

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Healing This

HeaderCT no logo 300x33 Introduction To CTypes TrainingCTypes is a relationship building Game-Changer! Included in each training package is everything you will need to begin using CTypes to heal or deepen your most important relationships–both at home and at work.

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Creating This

This is a purchase that comes fully loaded with the power to pull to you the types of relationships that make life more a vibrant adventure than the usual day-to-day damage control. Proactively heal those key relationships in your life.  How much you choose to receive is, of course, up to you.

What’s included in the Introduction to CTypes Package:

A complete set of videos that:

  • Introduce you to CTypes
  • Answer your most frequently asked questions
  • Address using CTypes with family, friends, and at work
  • Introduce you to each of the 12 CTypes
  • Explain the source of problems for each of the 12 CTypes
  • Provide a “can’t miss” solution for solving problems with any CType

A 72 page Introduction to CTypes Workbook (includes 3 helpful charts for each CType)

A complete set of 12 CType Guides for Couples for your CType (a $44.95 value). Each 14-page guide contains:

  • General guidelines on how CTypes can be used to deepen and heal relationships–at home and at work
  • Essential information you need to know about your specific CType
  • Your CType Do’s and Don’ts
  • Insights on how to relate with any CType
  • A four-step strategy for resolving difficulties and growing any relationship
  • Advice on how to approach someone you are interested in regardless of their CType
  • A detailed description of your partner’s, or prospective mate’s, CType and how those traits affect the way they approach romantic relationships
  • What you need to know in order to attract, communicate with, and nurture a relationship with a specific CType partner
  • Four CType-specific tips for growing the relationship with your partner

A copy of David’s book, CTypes for Couples (a $9.99 value)

The total value of these items if purchased separately is $134.93 but as an introductory course the amount is just $79.99  To get started right away, choose your CType.