Speaking To Your Group

From Motivation to Inspiration

I love speaking to groups.  Based upon personal experience, I have a number of potential topics to which I can enthusiastically speak. Ones that come to mind are CTypes in Relationships (couples, parenting, use by professionals or in the workplace.  Although Linda is very hesitant to be in the limelight, she has, by popular demand, consented to do  CTypes Couples presentations with me. Other topics to which I might speak include DreamWork, Conscious Leadership, the New and Four Agreements at work, or simply accelerating personal and professional growth using a variety of unique tools and bodies of knowledge.

Although I was awarded the prestigious “T” Award, given for most inspirational presentation, my purpose in speaking to your group is not to motivate or entertain you. It is for you to feel your own inspiration. This is at some level an energetic and transformative experience. If I can facilitate the creation of an energy field that allows you to BE inspired (in spirit), we will have co-created a powerful presentation, yes?

I’ll be updating all my speaking stuff with new 1-sheets and video in the near future.

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