Conscious Consulting

A More Expanded Kind of Consulting

Long-lived consulting companies are very good at one thing–They make sure to never do anything to rock the client’s boat. The real job of most consultants is to stay employed. Consultants rarely get fired for doing little. Speaking from experience, consultants are at great risk of being fired when we really do challenge the status quo. Most, including leaders, are somewhat enthusiastic about change until they have to look in the mirror. Change is great as long as its the other guy who has to change. Conscious consulting can’t work like that. Only if you, as a Conscious Leader, are ready to change and grow, along with your organization, should you consider Conscious Consulting. However, if you are ready for accelerated growth personally, professionally, and organizationally, Conscious Consulting may be the accelerant you have been waiting for.

Although quite fruitful for my clients, I probably will not do much more consulting for individual organizations. Conscious Consulting requires significant levels of awareness and energy and an in-depth knowledge of the New Agreements, C-Types and other bodies of knowledge. I’m feeling my time may be better spent training others to be Conscious Consultants. We’ll see. Contact me here.