Consulting, Speaking & Coaching

Modeling What We Teach. We Teach What We Need To Learn. We Learn the Most When We Teach.

We believe that the best teachers model what they teach. The best consultants, speakers, and coaches also model that which they bring to their clients and audiences. We feel that, for the most part, we do model that which we bring to the world. Our consulting, speaking and coaching comes with our commitment to raising professional and personal consciousness, both yours and ours. For Consulting, Speaking and Coaching, Contact Linda and David here.

Consulting, Speaking & Coaching

  • Conscious Consulting

    A More Expanded Kind of Consulting Long-lived consulting companies are very good at one thing–They make sure to never do anything to rock the client’s boat. The real job of most consultants is to stay employed. Consultants rarely get fired for doing little. Speaking from experience, consultants are at great risk of being fired when […]

  • Speaking To Your Group

    From Motivation to Inspiration I love speaking to groups.  Based upon personal experience, I have a number of potential topics to which I can enthusiastically speak. Ones that come to mind are CTypes in Relationships (couples, parenting, use by professionals or in the workplace.  Although Linda is very hesitant to be in the limelight, she […]

  • Conscious Coaching

    Conscious Coaching Linda and I coach people on how to improve their lives both at work and at home. Linda specializes in DreamWork, CTypes, Four Agreements, and relationships. I do more workplace related coaching including Conscious Leadership, systems improvement, conflict resolution, New Agreements, Four Agreements at work, CTypes and professional/personal growth. Some of the powerful […]