The New Agreements in the Workplace Book

The New Agreements in the Workplace

~Releasing the Human Spirit

NewAgrmtCoverMidOpnCMYK 206x300 The New Agreements in the Workplace BookThe focus of this book is the transformation of the workplace from a place of fear and control to a place of love and support where the creative human spirit can soar. Through implementation of the Four Agreements, from the best selling The Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz, and the New Agreements for at work created by David Dibble, the workplace becomes a place of higher purpose, humanity and amazing productivity. (165 Pages)

(From the Foreword) “The New Agreements in the Workplace will touch your heart. If you are ready for the next step in your workplace, this book holds the energy to start your journey. Read the words in this book with an open heart, and see if you begin to feel the release of your creative human spirit. The journey to mastery in the workplace may begin with the wisdom in these pages, and I highly recommend that you put into action the principles in this book to begin your own transformation at work and at home.”
—don Miguel Ruiz

bookcover NAworkplace The New Agreements in the Workplace Book

Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgmentsix
  • Foreword by don Miguel Ruizxiii
  • Introductionxvii
  • Chapter One -Today’s Changing Workplace1
  • Chapter Two -First New Agreement – Find Your Path
  • Chapter Three -First New Agreement – Love, Grow, and Serve Your People
  • Chapter Four -First New Agreement – Mind Your Mind in the Moment
  • Chapter Five -First New Agreement – Shift Your Systems
  • Chapter Six -First New Agreement – Practice a Little Every Day
  • Chapter Seven -The New Leaders
  • Chapter Eight -A New Kind of Vision

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