The New Agreements in Healthcare Book

The New Agreements in Healthcare~ healing a healthcare system on life support

NAH Bookcover1Page The New Agreements in Healthcare BookOne focus of this book is the real-world story of what it will take to fix our healthcare systems. Another focus is transformation: the growth and change that occurs in people (the leaders, caregivers, and patients) who are most affected by the current healthcare system. Third, it is about a new possibility for American healthcare that moves beyond curing to the holistic arena of healing and wellness.

Healing and wellness go beyond the physical body. They go beyond the mechanical, impersonal methodologies that have infected many of our healthcare organizations. We have to begin to see patients and each other as whole beings: body, mind, and spirit. In addition, we must begin to recognize the healing power of human compassion—and love. (142 Pages)

Table of Contents

  • Chapter One -American Healthcare: A System on Life Support
  • Chapter Two -Patients and Caregivers in Critical Condition
  • Chapter Three -The Four Agreements
  • Chapter Four -The New Agreements in Healthcare
  • Chapter Five -Healing Toxic Healthcare Environments
  • Chapter Six -New Agreements Healthcare in Action
  • Chapter Seven -Bringing New Agreements to Your Organization
  • Chapter Eight -Lessons Learned
  • Chapter Nine -Getting Well: The Body-Mind-Spirit Connection
  • Epilogue
  • Postscript
  • Resources and Next Steps

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