CTypes – Models for Relating Between Couples Book

CTypes – Models For Relating

~Creating Intimacy and Deeper Meaning Between Couples at All Stages of the Relationship

cpl book cover 231x300 CTypes – Models for Relating Between Couples BookThe CTypes that live in each of us shape the way we process data and, in many instances, how we relate with the world around us. This is the story of those CTypes and how you can use them to become better leaders, coaches, teachers, friends, lovers, husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, sons, or daughters. Beyond that, simply better, more conscious and loving people. Getting to know these CTypes will give you a deeper understanding of yourself and human nature and will act as a powerful tool for enhancing your interpersonal relations as couples in virtually any stage of the relationship. (55 Pages)

Table of Contents



The History of DreamWork and CTypes

The Mind — Inner Wisdom Shares Its Secrets

Scripted versus Unscripted Love

The Attributes and Directions of CTypes

Figures: Four Parts of the Mind - Twelve CTypes: Directions and Attributes –  CTypes of the Masculine Mind - CTypes with Their Opposite Alternatives

Meeting CType 1: Virgo

Meeting CType 7: Pisces

Meeting CType 2: Libra

Meeting CType 8: Aries

Meeting CType 3: Scorpio

Meeting CType 9: Taurus

Meeting CType 4: Sagittarius

Meeting CType 10: Gemini

Meeting CType 5: Capricorn

Meeting CType 11: Cancer

Meeting CType 6: Aquarius

Meeting CType 12: Leo

The Practical Application of CTypes at Work and at Home


Learning More — The Next Steps

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