We offer a number of products and services designed to support you in making CTypes real in your work and at home. Make no mistake. CTypes are game-changers wherever we use them. In our store you will find books, Guides (one set for Leader/Managers and one set for Couples, and free Snapshot Guides. Be sure to check out our three CType Training products. 1) Introduction to CTypes, 2) CTypes for Professionals, and 3) Our onsite 3-day Teacher Training Certification Program. Enjoy!


  • Books

    David has written five books that contain bodies of wisdom for raising consciousness and enhancing relationships, both at work and at home. They are available for download below.

  • CTypes Snapshot Guides
  • CTypes Relationship Guides for Couples

    CType Relationship Guides for Couples Whether you are looking for that special someone, in a long-term relationship, or married, romantic relationships serve as the primary source of both our greatest joys and challenges in life. They also provide our best opportunities to learn and grow as individuals. David Dibble’s CType Guides for couples unravel the […]

  • CTypes Guides for Leaders & Mangers

    CType Guides for Leaders & Managers – Description of Content Executives, managers, and team leaders in today’s workplace often must navigate a virtual minefield of diverse and conflicting personalities as they supervise and motivate their staff. Fortunately David Dibble’s CTypes provide a simple and proven method for determining an employee’s aptitude for any kind of […]

  • Conscious Retreats and Journeys

    Join Us in Expanding Our Relationships With Self, Others, and Nature We have for many years been taking groups to spiritually powerful places in both the retreat and journey formats. A “retreat” is usually a workplace group that wants of expand it consciousness in some way and bond as a team. The context of a […]

  • Consulting, Speaking & Coaching

    Modeling What We Teach. We Teach What We Need To Learn. We Learn the Most When We Teach. We believe that the best teachers model what they teach. The best consultants, speakers, and coaches also model that which they bring to their clients and audiences. We feel that, for the most part, we do model […]

  • Introduction To CTypes Training

    CTypes is a relationship building Game-Changer! Included in each training package is everything you will need to begin using CTypes to heal or deepen your most important relationships–both at home and at work. This is a purchase that comes fully loaded with the power to pull to you the types of relationships that make life […]

  • CTypes For Professionals Training Package

    The CTypes for Professionals Training is a Game-Changer for coaches, counselors, teachers, therapists or others who are assisting people as professionals. Imagine adding a tool to your toolbox that enhanced everything you do—exponentially! Imagine your clients or students, with your guidance, getting to the source of any problem in minutes—instead of hours, days, weeks or […]

  • The New Agreements For Conscious Leaders and Coaches

    A Powerful 3-Day Training For Those Who Want To Become Conscious Leaders & Coaches November 7-9 in San Diego, CA (18 CEUs for Qualified Participants) Learn to Apply:         The Four Agreements at Work The New Agreements for Conscious Leaders & Coaches DreamWork – Ask any question — Receive perfect guidance in a […]