What Are Zodiac Profiles and the Meaning of the 12 Zodiac Signs?

David Linda onabreak IMG 2816 14 150x150 What Are Zodiac Profiles and the Meaning of the 12 Zodiac Signs?The Connection Between Zodiac Profiles and CTypes

In Astrology, many of us are interested to know our Zodiac signs. Once we know that we are a Sagittarius, Scorpio, Leo or other Zodiac sign we generally want to know what is the meaning of my zodiac sign or the zodiac sign of someone important in my life. Is there a an Aries profile, a Virgo profile or possibly a Libra profile—a zodiac personality profile that will allow us to understand our relationships with self and others. The answer to the question is a resounding yes! Welcome to CTypes, a breakthrough in Zodiac sign personality profiling.

CTypes are created in each of us by the date, time, and place of birth and correspond to the star signs of the Western Zodiac. CTypes are a Zodiac profile for each Astrology star sign (Sun sign) that describe how each of us thinks. Thinking, of course, drives behavior and many times significantly influences the quality of our relationships with self and others.

The Zodiac Profiles of the 12 Zodiac Signs

The following are the CTypes (Zodiac signs) Profiles for each of the 12 Zodiac signs:

Zodiac Sign CType Description

Virgo Profile CType                                    Inwardly Directed Will

Libra Profile CType                                    Inwardly Directed Sensation

Scorpio Profile CType                        Inwardly Directed Discrimination

Sagittarius Profile CType                        Inwardly Directed Association

Capricorn Profile CType                        Outwardly Directed Will

Aquarius Profile CType                        Outwardly Directed Sensation

Pisces Profile CType                                    Outwardly Directed Discrimination

Aries Profile CType                                    Outwardly Directed Association

Taurus Profile CType                                    Bi-directional Directed Will

Gemini Profile CType                                    Bi-directional Directed Sensation

Cancer Profile CType                                    Bi-directional Directed Discrimination

Leo Profile CType                                    Bi-directional Directed Association

To learn more about Zodiac profiles, please visit www.ctypes.com and sign up to receive your own free Zodiac profile snapshot for your Astrology star sign. In depth information for each Zodiac profile is available for sale in books and CType specific Guides (Zodiac profiles) in our Catalog.

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