CTypes Teacher Training Certification Program – Nov 7-9 – San Diego

CTypes Teacher Training Certification Program

Greetings One and All,

We’re excited! Over a year in the making, we’re now offering the first CTypes Teacher Training Certification Program, a 3-day onsite training to be held in San Diego November 7-9. In this training, participants will learn how to teach and use CTypes in the workplace, with clients and customers, and with groups. We’ve been using CTypes in our corporate consulting and coaching work for more than 20 years. There is nothing like them. They’re amazing! And when you reserve your seat by September 15, you will save $1000—Even more if you bring a friend.

Imagine as a leader or manager you want to solve nagging problems with individual people, teams, departments, or even among your peers. Or imagine as a coach, counselor, therapist or teacher you want to master a powerful new tool that brings tremendous added value to your clients and students. Maybe you want to coach coaches or teach teachers. Or imagine you are in sales and want a breakthrough methodology for creating supportive relationships with customers and potential customers. Maybe you’re in HR and want to go far beyond Myers-Briggs or DISC or other personality profiles in understanding your people and putting them in the right positions to be successful. And, unlike personality profiles that quickly become the flavor of the month, CTypes lasts! We know, having both used and taught Myers-Briggs and DISC with our once 200 employees. Or possibly you simply have a really problematic relationship at home or work and want to be proactive in healing that relationship. Work or home, the quality of our relationships play a big part in our everyday success and happiness—or lack there of, yes?

Join Linda and me and this gathering of kindred spirits for three days of hands-on, fast-paced learning that will change your life both at work and at home. Linda and I will be exploring partnering opportunities with graduates of this program. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime . We’d love to hear from you. Space is limited. Reserve your seat now.

With admiration and respect,

David and Linda

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