Is Tiger Woods Moving From Capricorn to Cancer?

Capricorn Tiger is Growing Beyond Winning Golf Tournaments and Bowing to Public Image

I have spouted long and at nauseam, “The amount of change in human beings is directly proportional to the emotional content of the experience.” This is why all great life changes are circumscribed by high emotion that we humans call crisis. Look for yourself. When did you make those big life changes? It was out of some sort of emotional crisis, I’m sure. Loss of a job, relationship, loved one or public humiliation come to mind. Although painful, out of his past troubles, Tiger Woods has a wonderful opportunity to grow and change. And, he appears to be taking advantage of that opportunity.

5 Capricorn3 300x300 Is Tiger Woods Moving From Capricorn to Cancer?CTypes describe how humans think and are created in each of us by the date, time, and place of birth and correspond to the signs of the western Zodiac. Tiger has a Capricorn CType.  This means Tiger has a Capricorn thinking mind (sun sign western Zodiac). Using Capricorn profile principles of change, Tiger grows and changes by moving from his natural Capricorn thinking profile, to his opposite thinking traits, Cancer Profile.

Capricorn Profile thinking is Outward Will. That means that Tiger’s thinking mind is looking away from his feelings and emotions and creating action in the outside world. Capricorn Profile tends to see people as obstacles to be overcome or moved around  as opposed human beings to be nurtured in some way. When Tiger does too much of his natural  Capricorn profile thinking, he creates problems in his life. Certainly, having affairs with many women while being married with children is too much action in the outside world–all with no thought of how it might effect his family, the  women he was with or his image. The solution to life problems for Tiger is to move toward his opposite,  Cancer Profile thinking, which nurtures his family and extended family.

The move to our opposite Zodiac thinking is difficult for all Zodiac signs. Yet, this is how we grow and evolve as human beings to higher levels of awareness and functionality in the world. It is also how we become happier, more whole men, women, partners, parents, workers, and neighbors. Tiger appears to be grabbing this opportunity to grow the same way he has grabbed the golf world–but differently.  In this case, instead of stomping the life out of opponents with amazing shots and clutch putts, he is softening up a bit. Instead of blowing off the media or fans, he’s realized that he needs to nurture them a little more–as people. If he can make the difficult move toward his opposite, Cancer Profile, he will begin to nurture his family and extended family, thus creating the more meaningful and intimate relationships that have been missing from his life. In the final analysis, the quality of our relationships with self and others defines the quality of our lives. Winning and public accolades are a short term distraction, not a substitute for inner peace and happiness.

Tiger’s golf will always be there. Even when he’s not at his best, he still usually contends. When he’s at his best, he’s unbeatable. He will be teeing off tomorrow at his first event of 2011 in the Farmer’s Open in San Diego. At some point, Tiger’s personal growth will begin to translate into professional growth. If he continues his move from Capricorn Profile to Cancer Profile, look out golf world! Tiger will be back–in spades. We shall see, yes?

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