Change Your World! – Testing CTypes For Yourself

When people first hear about CTypes, it is not unusual for there to be some level of skepticism. This makes perfect sense because CTypes are in many ways both ancient and revolutionary at the same time. Questions in the mind that often pop up might include: What do you mean CTypes are the DNA of thinking? How can the way I think create my reality? What do you mean that my problems are created by doing too much of my Natural CType thinking? What! The solution to my significant problems in life is to move my thinking toward my CType Opposite? It can’t be that simple!

We don’t blame you for your skepticism. If anything is too good to be true, CTypes is it. These principles, if true, could change the world as we know it. But before we can change the world, we must first make CTypes real for ourselves, yes?

24 Years of Testing

Linda and I had our doubts when we began studying CTypes 24 years ago. But, over the course of the six years that we studied CTypes and the following 18 years of practice and teaching them, all that changed. We began to see CTypes everywhere: in each other, in our children, with our parents, with our friends, at work, in the news, and most importantly, in ourselves. Yes. CTypes are more than valid. They are a universal principle that is at work in the creation and function of each and every mind and is therefore a powerful contributor to the realities each of us creates. Whether your life is good or drama filled, your CTypes are a big part of it.

Make Them Real – Test CTypes For Yourself

We don’t try to convince anyone of the validity of CTypes. Instead, we encourage people to test them in the world for themselves. Look for CTypes in your most important relationships at home and at work. One fun way to begin to see them is to listen to the words or look for the actions that CTypes exhibit. Here is a short list of words, concepts or actions you might look for in exploring CTypes in your close relationships:

Virgo – integrity, balance, connection, life is like pieces of a puzzle, controlled emotions

Libra – run by feelings, loves food, on the other hand, can’t make decisions, loves ascetics

Scorpio – focus, passion, goals, wants instant gratification, intense, impulsive, sexual, uses logic

Sagittarius – past/future, too much to do, guilty, always adding on, visionary, can’t turn off thinking

Capricorn – let’s get going, action-action-action, we need to move on this, do something, I’ll do it

Aquarius – whatever, no big deal, likes surfaces, wants new things/new places, wants meaning in life

Pisces – attention on one thing/person, focuses on brightest thing, look at me, women martyrs

Aries – creation, create, let me tell you about my new creation, little emotion, relationship problems

Taurus – naturally skeptical, risk adverse, keep life manageable, check it out, doesn’t know life purpose

Gemini – in the moment, not connected to past/future, count me in, I’m sorry-I forgot, I’ve been so busy

Cancer – do this-don’t do that, after all I’ve done-this is how I’m treated, trying to control its  “family”

Leo – god in their universe, sure of self, no can win argument with, always adding on, feels responsible

This is obviously a very abbreviated list, but, when you look for these words, concepts or actions, you may be quite surprised how much you will see these tendencies in the CTypes in your life. Enjoy!

PS. Coming shortly are our three new CType trainings: Introduction to CTypes (online), CTypes for Professionals (online), and the 3-day onsite CType Teacher Training Certification Program.



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