Coaching Cancer CType Sue – Part 10 – Sue Turns Her Life Around

CTypes Results – Sue Turns Her Life Around

Introduction: In this 10-part series, we will take you through the process that a coach, counselor, leader, manager, therapist or teacher might use to assist clients, employees and peers in solving problems using CTypes. This process is called the “On the Wall” process and is outlined in detail in our CTypes for Professionals online training. This process will also be demonstrated in real time with a volunteer in our CTypes Teacher Training Certification Program November 7-9 in San Diego. In our many years of using and refining the One the Wall (OTW) process, it has proved to quickly make problems visible and offers a systematic and effective methodology for professionals to assist clients and employees in solving challenging problems and changing lives—both at work and at home. It’s a powerful process. We have turned around entire companies and many individual lives using variations of this process.

Part 10 – Ctypes for Professionals – Results Created With Clients, Employees, and Peers

Over and over again, clients, students and groups have had success using CTypes and the On the Wall methodology in solving life’s most challenging issues and problems, both at home and at work. With practice, you too can master CTypes for the benefit of yourself, your loved ones, your clients, employees or peers.

Results for Sue: Sue was able to get her boss’ buy-in for her plan and schedule. This resulted in Sue working fewer days per week and a set number of hours per day. She was able to delegate a number of her responsibilities, especially those for which she was not hired and did not enjoy doing. She was also to negotiate expanding a few of her responsibilities to include some of the projects that she was excited to tackle, but had never had the time or resources. She now enjoys work and looks forward to going to work each day.

Although in this series we looked only at addressing Sue’s workplace issues, using this process, she was also successful at home. She healed her relationship with her daughter and, although not perfect, is making big strides in healing her relationship with her husband, Jack. She’s back into yoga, has improved her diet and even found a little time to quiet her mind. In her own words, “My whole life has changed out of this work.”

Anyone can learn to use CTypes in this way, whether as a professional assisting clients, employees or peers, or as a powerful gift from Spirit for self growth and healing relationships at home. If you’ve come this far in this series, there are no accidents. CTypes are likely to play a part in you creating your life the way you want it. If you just want to get started in using CTypes, you will want to consider our online Introduction to CType course. Please stay in touch.

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