Let Me Tell You A Story

The Power of Story

A few years back, a wonderful student came into Linda’s and my life. Heather was searching for her life purpose, while at the same time dealing with a sizable laundry list of life problems. Work, relationships, kids, health, you name it–Heather was struggling to hold it all together.

At the time, Heather worked in a retail store. In a vision process, Heather saw herself working with troubled families and wounded women. We advised her that, if she was willing to do the work, her vision would come to her.. Well, Heather is a warrior. She did the work and now she is working with troubled families at The Angel House. She has become a wonderful teacher. Along the way, most of her other problems have been resolved, too (imagine that – smile).

Heather recently sent Linda and me the following email. We love that Heather has gotten value from her time with us. However, as we tell all our students, it is you who do the work and make your life into a meaningful model of love and light and laughter. It is not us. And, it is your beautiful work that makes our hearts sing. It is your work that reminds us that our teaching has purpose and value. Thank you Heather. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Heather sent along an audio tape of a presentation where one of her “students” is sharing about her journey from despair to self empowerment–and Heather’s support along the way. I thought you might enjoy this inspiring little nugget of possibility–Lemme Tell You A Story.

Hi David and Linda

I wanted to share this with you. One of the women being interviewed is a kindred spirit. She starts her interview at age four, passing out from being made to smoke marijuana by her older siblings. She came here to The Angel House and I have been blessed to walk side by side with her. Together we found her. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Without the two of you being such a force in my life, I would of never have had this incredible opportunity to serve. I don’t really care what the “establishment” says, this is the only outcome that counts for me. Love works and empowerment is the healing that needs to spread. I’m working on it !!!!!!!!!

xo Heather

(email sent to Heather from Rececca)

Hi Heather,
I was thinking this afternoon about how ‘exuberant’ I get sometimes. It is a rare occasion indeed when I find someone with whom I can share dreams and goals. I am so excited about this journey! The enclosed audio is some of what we shared in the circle. When I was coming to this presentation, I wanted very much to have the voices be heard, there is something transcending when you hear someone telling their own story.

Also, as a matter of processing this ‘interview project,’ I felt more as though your story was shared with me for me personally, not that either of us knew that at the time! The universe has these lovely little gifts and your sharing of your story was not for the whole of my class. Consequently, I kept your story more private and included it only where my professor and I would be witnessing it, in the paper. I would be happy, to share that piece with you too, but this audio presentation is much shorter.


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