Setting Our Intent for 2011

Creating the 2011 That Makes Our Hearts Sing

DavidLindaZip in CR1 300x199 Setting Our Intent for 2011CTypes grow and evolve by going toward their opposites. Being committed to my own personal growth, I must constantly be looking for ways to move toward my opposite. As a Scorpio CType, my opposite is Taurus. While Scorpio likes to focus on one thing in life and make that thing the most important aspect of life, Taurus is process oriented in a trial and error way. Scorpio is passionate, intense and ready to dive wholeheartedly into his focus. Taurus takes nothing on faith and must test everything for himself before making it real or valuable.

Knowing that an individual’s reality is created inside out, will my next year be better than the last? The answer to this question is greatly influence by whether we do the inner work that improves our inner landscape. A more aware and conscious CType knows that doing the inner work to enhance the inner world will create an enhanced outer world too. The inner work we do to quiet the mind will be most useful if, in the process, we can move toward out opposites. For me, that means putting focus and passion (Scorpio) aside for a little while and working on process (Taurus). With this in mind, I thought I’d share with you a few of my own resolutions for 2011:

  1. In all my waking hours, I say out loud or to myself “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you” for everything that comes into my life.
  2. I will continue to extend my meditation practice to include meditation as I go about my daily life. Meditation is my normal state of mind.
  3. I breathe properly as I go about my daily life. I avoid breathing like a hamster, especially if momentarily stressed.
  4. I am AWARE of what my mind is up to every minute. I change any thoughts that do not serve me or my extended me–you.
  5. I exercise at least five times per week doing something I love to do. And, I don’t overdo it. I listen to my body.
  6. I eat only organic, healthy, real food, locally grown as much as possible.
  7. I continue to do our healthy cooking, simple as it might be, because I love to cook…and eat good food.
  8. If not in a position to eat healthy food, I always bless the food, thanking Spirit for the good parts of the food and for allowing the bad part of the food to pass through leaving the body unaffected.
  9. I visit and explore a new countries in the New Year.
  10. I read a minimum of 18 books this year, including rereading some of the spiritual “classics” that have meaning for me.
  11. I write one new book this year, three new sets of CType specific Guides, daily articles, and get the new DreamWork website launched.
  12. I guide a minimum of one spiritual journey designed to accelerate the growth of Conscious CTypes.
  13. I remember that God’s plans are better then my mind’s plans. I remind myself that my mind is not qualified to run the universe.
  14. I do my best to be like Bucky (Buckminster Fuller)—To love comprehensively with no one and no thing left out.
  15. I am happy because I choose only thoughts that carry the emotional energy that comes from love.
  16. I model what I teach. I embody the principles of being a Conscious CType and moving toward my opposite as often as possible.

Thank you for reading my words. Thank you, thank you, thank you (David’s Relationship Mantra).

With conscious admiration and respect…

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