President Obama’s Move From Leo Star Sign to Aquarius Star Sign

President Obama’s Move From Leo Star Sign to Aquarius Star Sign

Shaking Things Up in Washington DC – President Obama Must Move From Leo Star Sign (Western Zodiac) to Aquarius Star Sign

All indications, worldwide, point to our old systems, institutions,  leadership models and governments being close to entering a reorder stage. Scientists tell us that reorder starts with chaos before transforming that chaos into something completely new that functions at a higher level. Part of this reorder process includes our leaders growing and evolving personally and professionally. This personal and professional growth take place when a leader moves from his natural CType (star sign/Sun sign Western Zodiac) to his/her opposite CType (star sign/Sun sign Western Zodiac).

Currently the old systems are being held together by people who are doing too much of thier natural CTypes. For example, Nancy Pelosi, an Aries CType, is doing too much Aries CType thinking. Mitch McConnell, a Pisces CType, is doing too much Pisces CType thinking. Which brings me to our president. Much as I admire President Obama, a Leo CType (star sign Western Zodiac), there is little doubt that he is doing too much Leo thinking, thus making dysfunctional government systems even more so. The solution? President Obama must move to his opposite CType, Aquarius (star sign Western Zodiac). This move to Aquarius CType thinking would definitely shake up the systems in Washington DC. However, at some point the systems will change whether anyone moves to their opposites or not.

Science and systems theory proves the current  situation to be unsustainable.  The powers that be are about to be found out. By who? By us. Like all who have been betrayed, we, at some level, already know. We have been in a sort of denial rather than face the unpleasant truth that no Prince Charming institution is coming to make our lives meaningful or “big” anything (government, business and etc.) more than self-serving. So who is coming? We are.

As the great Bucky Fuller reminded us so well, we must learn to think and do for ourselves. I must solve the healthcare crisis myself by living a healthy life style and being well. I must solve the education crisis myself by constantly learning and putting my children in a position to do the same. I must realize that the only security that will be mine is the security of knowing that I am responsible and safe in my life. On the inside, so on the outside, yes?

Miguel Ruiz’ Fifth Agreement could have been said in a little different way. Don’t believe anything that comes to you via the media and most of all, DON’T BELIEVE THE FEAR THAT LIVES IN YOUR MIND. See it for what it is, Maya—Illusion. You are already safe. You already know everything. You are already whole and complete, even if your body or bank account isn’t in the best shape. How is this possible? Because you and I are much more than a body or what we think and believe. You and I are energy. We are connected because it cannot be otherwise. We are One. And we sometimes forget that we are together in the human experience in a process of RE-MEMBERING–remembering who we really are.

Accelerating the coming changes will be more and more kindred spirits consciously moving toward their opposite CTypes. It is this move to our opposites that, although difficult, allows us to grow and evolve as human beings. At some point, humanity will reach critical mass in its move toward its opposites and the world  will transform. Exciting times ahead, yes?

Thank you for reading my words. Thank you, thank you, thank you (David’s Relationship Mantra).

With conscious admiration and respect…

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