The Magnificent Oprah – From Aquarius To Leo – She Continues To Amaze

Oprah the Magnificent! An Icon of Conscious Leadership and Still Growing

Oprah Winfrey Biography 250x300 The Magnificent Oprah – From Aquarius To Leo – She Continues To AmazeTry as I might, I was unable to think of a woman in the world that I more respect than Oprah Winfrey. She appears to be the most influential woman on the planet—but it is more than that. She has taken the lead in uplifting the human condition in so many ways. A champion for women, minorities, children and the underprivileged everywhere, she has set the bar high as an example of a true leader—a conscious leader.

Oprah is an Aquarius sun sign or CType. CTypes describe how we think. In the case of Aquarius, the CType is Outwardly Directed Sensation. This means that Aquarius thinking is strongly influenced by anything that can be sensed by the five senses. Aquarius CTypes are tremendous collectors of information. However, like all CTypes, if we do too much of our Natural CType thinking, we create problems in our lives. Luckily, within the amazing body of knowledge that is CTypes, we are also encoded with a solution to life’s challenges and a path to higher consciousness. The solution is to move to our Opposite and complementary CType thinking. The move to our Opposites is difficult for all CTypes, but it is how humans are programmed to grow and evolve in life.

Oprah Became the Master

The opposite thinking of Aquarius is Leo CType thinking, which is described as Bi-directional Association. Aquarius is in many ways run by what it senses while Leo creates its own reality, often taking on a leadership role in the process. Abraham Lincoln is an example of an Aquarius CType who mastered the move to Leo and became probably the greatest leader in American history. Oprah too has mastered the shift from Aquarius to Leo and, in the process, has become a kindred spirit icon of conscious leadership for millions worldwide.

My wife of 40 years, Linda, has been pulling me in to watch Oprah whenever she feels there is something I need to hear. It appears there has been much that I needed to hear (smile). She wondered out loud the other day what the millions who had made the Oprah show an important part of their lives would do with the show going off the air. I suggested that maybe the time has come for us to put into action the things that Oprah has taught us. This seemed to resonate with her.

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