Heal Any Relationship In Your Life

Creating Mr. or Ms. “Right”

bigstock Head Brain Processor 3646375 269x300 Heal Any Relationship In Your LifeThere is one principle that appears to be foundational to most bodies of universal knowledge. This principle can be stated simply as: We Become What We Think About. The brilliant Earl Nightingale said as much in his equally brilliant, The Strangest SecretThe Strangest Secret has been viewed by millions and still packs an inspirational wallop—and this basic truth. The way we think creates our reality. CTypes describe the way we think. They create each individual’s reality.


Quality Relationships Are a Function of Our Thinking


The quality of any relationship is also created by the way we think. If you think badly of someone, you will have poor or problematic relations with that person. On the other hand, when you think positively of another, you will almost always have an empowering relationship with that person. If you find that your relationships are troubled with your spouse, parents, children, co-workers or any key people in your life, those problems manifest first in your thinking mind and then in the outside world in your relationships. Imagine that you could heal and enhance any relationship in your life, at home, at work and in the world. Imagine further that you have the power within you to attract any relationship you choose. As regards healing or attracting these relationships into your life, things become elegantly simple—Change your thinking! Simple but not so easy, yes?


Attracting the Perfect Relationship Dating Online


Let’s look at why online dating (or dating in general) brings such mixed results. Online dating is great in some ways. Mainly, it opens up the field to many more potential connections. However, you will only attract relationships to you that align with your thinking. If you think negative thoughts about the men or women who date online, you will attract those types of people to you. Or you might have the limiting thought, All the good men are taken. No matter what you think, you will always be right. Whatever you think comes true, at least for you. So for you, you are right. All the good men have been taken. What’s left? Not so good men. Conversely, when you think positively about people who date online, you will pull those types of people to you. If you believe that the perfect relationship is now yours, Mr. or Ms. “Right” will materialize out of thin air into your life. It cannot be otherwise.

CTypes – The DNA of Thinking


We know that CTypes are created in people by the date, time and place of birth and correspond to the sun signs of the Western Zodiac. For example a Virgo doesn’t think like a Libra who doesn’t think like a Leo and so on. CTypes describe how each of us thinks, detailing how we may be unconsciously pulled into negative thinking. We call this Zodiac Thinking. However, CTypes offer a can’t-miss solution for the problems we draw to ourselves through negative thinking. CTypes are the DNA of thinking. CTypes tell us how to heal relationships, how to attract empowering relationships and how to solve problems in any relationship. This is a blessing of the highest order, a human birthright. We Become What We Think About. This indicates that we ought to pay close attention to  our  CType thinking and choose our thoughts wisely (smile).

We Become What We Think About

In Nightingale’s video, he talks about success and how our thinking determines both our success and lack of it. However, he could just as easily have been talking about creating both successful and dysfunctional relationships. It’s all in how we think. If creating healthy, empowering relationships is important to you, I highly recommend you watch Nightingale’s ten-minute video while creating a context around creating successful relationships with self and others. Ten minutes, I know, is a long time to keep one’s attention in this day and age. But I’m sure you will find it to be time  well used, even an inspirational ten minutes in your life. After viewing the video, imagine now how powerful CTypes might become for you in healing and creating great relationships in your life.



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