Being Irresistible To A Sagittarius Man – The Do’s And Don’ts Of Attracting A Sagittarius Man

Understanding the Sag Man in Your Life

4 Sagittarius4 300x300 Being Irresistible To A Sagittarius Man   The Dos And Donts Of Attracting A Sagittarius ManThere is a secret weapon that anyone can use to attract a deeply meaningful relationship. This built in weapon isn’t a weapon at all, but more of a blessing of understanding how we think and relate with self and others. This is the magic of CTypes.  In this article, we will look at how a woman can best relate with and be attractive to a Sagittarius man.

No matter whether it is your first meeting, informal dating, a committed partnership or even within a marriage, you should keep in mind how a Sagittarius man thinks. At any time you understand how he thinks, you are going to be at magnificent advantage in knowing how to best enrich or mend your relationship with him. This is where your expertise of CTypes emerges.

CTypes illustrate how every person thinks. A Sagittarius man thinks in different ways than the other sun signs of the Zodiac (CTypes). When a woman employs her primarily unconscious attraction strategy (behavior) to attract a guy, she fails to have in mind his CType or unique way of thinking. Not having an appreciation of his CType, she runs a genuine possibility of doing things that could turn him off rather than making herself irresistible to him. So let’s have a look at the do’s and don’ts in relating with a Sagittarius man.

Try to do more of this:

  • He may be a bit of a philosopher and enjoy those types of discussions. Engage him in this way.
  • He may well have some quite visionary ideas. He will be very pulled to you when you praise or reinforce his visionary ideas.
  • He may consider himself to be a good listener, which he may or may not be. Praise his listening skills.
  • He may think that he knows what you and others are thinking. Again, this is may or may not be true, but look for opportunities to be impressed by his intuitive abilities.
  • Being careful to “catch” him at the right time, do something totally spontaneous with him. If you pull this one off, it will be a big hit with him. Spontaneity is something he desires but not something he is good at.
  • He may consider himself as a man of action (this is difficult for him). Share with him your admiration for people in the world who can get things done—like him.
  • Praise his thoroughness in thinking things through before taking action. Note to him how good planning is almost always a key to success.
  • He often fears that he doesn’t get as much done in the world as other people. Point out how much he gets done in the world, especially in comparison to other people. He will love you for this.
  • In discussion with a Sag man, incorporate regulators. Regulators are subtle expressions, sounds or gestures that let Sag be aware of your interest and appreciation of your interaction and communication with him. Positive words such as “yes,” “good,” and “great” are regulators. Assured sounds like “uh huh” or “umm” are positive regulators. Nods of the head are a helpful regulator. Look for the regulators that work for you and practice them until eventually they come to be one aspect of your affinity building know-how.

Try to do less of this:

  • Don’t compare him unfavorably with others who might get more done than he does. This is a huge turnoff for a Sag man because it is one of his biggest fears.
  • Don’t point out how unrealistic his complex plans are. Many times he’s simply dreaming potential new futures and these futures, regardless how over the top, will be much more real for him than they are for others. He will often be somewhat attached to these potential futures. He might well experience emotional pain when you challenge him on this. Especially early in dating, avoid creating this source of separation.
  • Don’t tell him he doesn’t listen to you. He really believes he does.
  • Don’t nag him when he feels stuck in life. This is a result of him doing too much of his Sagittarius CType thinking and he has to work his own way out of this.
  • Avoid being a victim or complaining too much. Most men are turned off by this. If you find yourself being a victim with a partner or potential partner, try to move your thinking toward your opposite CType. This is true relationship building mastery.
  • Don’t unconsciously use negative regulators. Avoid negative words or sounds. Don’t shake your head side to side or roll your eyes. These negative regulators will create separation instead of bringing you closer together.
  • Like in many relationships, be careful pushing for more commitment. This can backfire—big time!

In spite of the fact that this is only a brief outline of how to become attractive to a Sagittarius CType man, you’ll find these suggestions to be effective in initiating, deepening and healing your relationships with the Sagittarius men within your life.



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