The Do’s and Don’t Of Attracting A Cancer Man – What Every Woman Should Know

Attracting a Cancer Man

Xl Cancer3 300x300 The Dos and Dont Of Attracting A Cancer Man   What Every Woman Should KnowRegardless whether it is ones first meeting, normal dating, a committed relationship or even inside of a marriage, you need to appreciate how a Cancer man thinks. If you have knowledge of how he thinks, you will be at outstanding advantage in understanding how to best deepen or mend your relationship with him. This is where your expertise of CTypes comes in.

CTypes describe how all of us think. A Cancer man thinks differently than other sun signs of the Zodiac (CTypes). When a women employs her generally unconscious attraction tactics (behavior) to attract a guy, she is unable to bear in mind his CType or unique way of thinking. Not having an understanding of his CType, she runs a genuine risk of doing things may well turn him off rather than making herself irresistible to him. So let’s have a look at the do’s and don’ts in relating with the Cancer man.

The Do’s – Try to do more of this:

  • Tell him that you appreciate men who put family first. He will love to hear this.
  • He likes to help, especially from a father-like position. He knows what’s best and you will hear this in his words. Praise his knowledge and willingness to “be there” for others.
  • Try to schedule a number of meetings or dates with him. If you are in front of a Cancer man for a period of time, he will begin to nurture you and make you a part of his extended family.
  • If he’s having problems in life, they are probably associated with people he is nurturing pulling away from his control. You can make or break your relationship with him right here. If you agree with him when he’s complaining about people (or you) in his life, he will feel supported. If you disagree, he may feel betrayed by you. Your choice.
  • He will often hold himself as a person of action, even though he may not be. If he does, praise his work and how much he gets done.
  • Do lots of little things that show you are thinking about him, especially things that show your appreciation for “all he’s done for you.”
  • He’s going to want to “help” you. Let him, if possible. But don’t be surprised if he over promises and under delivers in his promises—especially if his promises require action on his part.
  • In discussion with Cancer, incorporate regulators. Regulators are subtle expressions, sounds or gestures that make Cancer aware of your interest and your appreciation of your interaction and communication with him. Positive words such as “yes,” “good,” and “great” are regulators. Assured sounds like “uh huh” or “umm” are positive regulators. Nodding the head is a helpful regulator. Look for the regulators that work for you and practice them until eventually they come to be one aspect of your affinity-building know-how.

The Don’ts – Try to do less of this:

  • Often his nurturing can become suffocating and turn into a need to control you. If this happens, try not to pull away in a direct conflict with him. He will see this as betrayal and take it very personally.
  • If his life isn’t working, you can bet he’ll spend a lot of time complaining about the people in his life. Especially early in the relationship, avoid pointing out his role in these conflicts in his life. Again, he will see this as you taking their side in a “family” conflict.
  • Even if true, don’t point out that he has a hard time taking action in the world. Cancers desire to be men of action and often hold that self image.
  • Don’t point out that he over-promises and under-delivers on his offers of help. Again, he’ll take that personally.
  • Don’t “help” him when he feels betrayed in life. This is a result of him doing too much of his Cancer CType thinking and he has to work his own way out of this.
  • Don’t unconsciously use negative regulators. Avoid negative words or sounds. Don’t shake your head side to side or roll your eyes. These negative regulators will create separation instead of bringing you closer together.
  • As in many relationships, be careful when pushing for more commitment. This can backfire—bigtime!
  • Avoid being a victim or complaining too much. Most men are turned off by this. If you find yourself being a victim with a partner or potential partner, try to move your thinking toward your opposite CType. This is true relationship-building mastery.

Although this is simply a brief outline of how to be attractive to a Cancer CType man, you’ll find these guidelines to be powerful in creating, deepening and mending your relationships with the Cancer men within your life.



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