Do’s And Don’ts For Relating With An Aries Man

How to Get Closer to an Aries Man

8 Aries4 300x300 Dos And Donts For Relating With An Aries ManNo matter whether it’s your initial meeting, normal dating, a committed relationship or even inside of a marriage, you need to understand how a Aries man thinks. Should you recognize how he thinks, you are going to be at outstanding advantage in knowing the way to best enrich or heal your relationship with him. This is where your knowledge of CTypes emerges.

CTypes illustrate how differently each of us thinks. An Aries man thinks differently than other sun signs of the Zodiac (CTypes). The moment a women uses her typically unconscious attraction strategy (behavior) to attract men, she likely will not take into account his CType or unique style of thinking. Without an understanding of his CType, she runs a real risk of doing things which will turn him off instead of making herself appealing to him. So let’s take a look at the do’s and don’ts in connecting with men and, in particular, the Aries man.

Things That Work With Aries Men and Most Other Men

  • Be happy when you are together and tell him that you are happy. When you’re happy, he will likely be delighted. Look for ways to share with him that he’s doing well in life and that you respect his good efforts and accomplishments.
  • In chat with Aries, use regulators. Regulators are subtle words, sounds or gestures that let Aries know your attraction and enjoyment of your interaction with him. Assuring terms such as “yes,” “good,” and “great” are regulators. Assured sounds like “uh huh” or “umm” are valuable regulators. Nods of the head are a good regulator. Discover the regulators that work for you personally and apply them until they become an aspect of your affinity developing know-how.

Try to Do More of This With An Aries Man

  • Aries is the most creative Zodiac sign. Even if he’s not creating in the outside world, he is thinking creatively. Be interested in his creations. Don’t worry. He will be happy to tell you all about them.
  • Praise his creations. Ask to learn more about them. He might well begin looking at how you can become part of his creations. Probably the most powerful thing you can do in connecting with an Aries man is to tell him how good or inspired his creations make YOU feel. This is also the best way to get him in touch with his feelings.
  • He thinks in tight logical sequence while always adding on his own creative mark. He will be attracted to you when you can relate with him in ways he can understand.
  • Be on the lookout for when Aries changes his creative focus. When Aries moves on to his next creation, he totally forgets about the last creation. Try to be on board early with the new creation. He will love you for this.

Try to do less of this with and Aries man:

  • Avoid emotional pleas. Aries men are very disconnected from their feelings. He may not have any idea what you are taking about when you describe how you are feeling or when you make an emotional plea.
  • Avoid asking him what he’s feeling. It just doesn’t make sense to him. Watch an Aries man’s eyes when you are asking him what he’s feeling. Many times he looks like someone who is hearing a foreign language he can’t understand.
  • Don’t be upset if his creation takes precedent over your relationship. I actually heard of an Aries man and Aries woman who worked together who forgot to get married. Although not to the level of men, Aries women can also be disconnected from their emotions.
  • Don’t be upset if he doesn’t take care of himself. He is so disconnected from his emotions that he may forget to eat or take care of his body.
  • Avoid nagging. It will fall on deaf ears and create separation.
  • Don’t unknowingly use unhelpful regulators. Avoid harmful expressions or sounds. Don’t shake your head side to side or roll your eyes. This subtly conveys criticism and produces separation.
  • Don’t neglect to convey “thank you-thank you-thank you,” and mean it.
  • Don’t push for greater commitment. This could easily backfire—big-time!
  • Don’t try to change him or fix him up. Should you be craving change in the relationship, work on yourself.

Finally, just be aware that Aries men many times have trouble relating with women. Unlike Libra men who are closest to their emotions and relate well with women, Aries men many times have a karmic kink in male/female connection cable.

In spite of the fact that this is only a short outline of how to be desirable to an Aries CType man, you will discover these recommendations to be powerful in developing, deepening and mending your relationships with the Aries men in your life.



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  1. KayB says:

    wow!!!!..i can totally relate

    • david says:

      Hey KayB,
      It’s amazing how CTypes work. Once you start practicing/looking for CType, you will see it everywhere. Thanks for your interest and kind words.


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