What CTypes Are Not – We Don’t Know A Thing About Astrology

We Don’t Know A Thing About Astrology

Greeting One and All,

As most of you know, we have been doing a lot of work to get CTypes ready to take out into the world (18 months and thousands of pages of reference materials/Guides/books and etc.). We did a few fun (and useful if you’re in a dating relationship) posts about dating a CType specific man. I had a few long time readers (and admirers) of our Conscious Leadership work question if we (I) had gone off the tracks with all this Astrology (CTypes) stuff. I even received some rebukes from people into Astrology saying I was way off base in my descriptions of CType thinking. So I thought it was time to clarify a couple of things and get to work in using CTypes as a powerful tool for Coaches, Counselors, Leaders and Managers in working with clients, employees and peers.

First, CTypes are NOT Astrology. We don’t know a thing about Astrology. We don’t discount Astrology because we know at some level that everything and everyone is connected. But that’s as much as we know about Astrology. CTypes are the DNA of thinking. They are the blueprint of human reality in that we become what we think about. We draw to us what we think about. Negative thoughts create and draw to us problems in life. Why do we think negatively? Because if you do too much of your Natural CType thinking, the thoughts become negative. It’s in the blueprint. Like any good thing, too much becomes a negative. Also within the CType blueprint is a way to solve problems, improve relationships and raise consciousness by changing our thinking in a particular way.

Second, the only way we can make CTypes real for ourselves is to test them in the world in our own lives. Starting tomorrow I will be publishing a 10-parts series of articles called “Coaching Sue.” This series describes how, using CTypes, we coached a Cancer CType Woman in turning around her somewhat dismal reality, both at home and at work. We will take you through our “Double E Brainstorm” and “On the Wall” process, both of which we have been using with great success in our business improvement consulting and individual coaching work. You’ll see how Sue, by changing her thinking, completely re-creates her reality and solves the huge issues that had been keeping her up at night.


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