Natural Law – A Prelude to More Conscious CTypes

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The Coming Opportunity to Grow into More Conscious Human Beings

There are natural laws that are valid and in play all the time and that are not, long term, subject to the whims or points of view of even the most powerful institutions. These powerful institutions include such stalwarts as central bankers, governments, multinational corporations, cartels, and even the finely suited thieves on Wall Street. Everything that happens in the universe can be viewed as interaction between various macro systems, subsystems, and micro systems. All systems, from the largest clusters of galaxies, to the FED, to you and me, to how we brush our teeth in the morning, are connected and influenced by all other systems. EVERYTHING can be defined as a system and therefore is subject to natural law.

One such natural law is the Law of Dissipative Structures, which won its discoverer, Ilya Prigogine, a Nobel Prize in 1971. Basically the law says that all systems have a certain amount of energy coming into them and, as a stable system, the ability to dissipate a like amount of energy. However, any system that resists change in a changing environment increases complexity and requires more and more energy to stay the same. The resisting system can only dissipate energy at approximately the same level at which it was stable and so becomes stressed and moves toward instability. At some point the stresses become so large that the systems goes into a state called “reorder.” It literally flies into chaos and, after a period of time, “reorders” into a completely new system that can dissipate the energy and the system again becomes stable. Importantly, once the system reaches a point of reorder, NOTHING can stop it. Not the Fed, not the government, not any of the Powers That Be.

It appears that, based upon natural law and systems theory, we are entering a time of unprecedented change that will be led by the reordering of many of our largest and most intractable systems. I’ll let you fill in the blanks on what systems you think might be at the breaking point and ready to move into reorder. A hint though. Think of systems that have been most resistant to change and that have become so complex and inefficient that they simply don’t work as they were intended. Yikes! The list is long, yes?

We cannot know when this might happen, but that it will happen we can be assured. Even the most closed minds of men are not immune to the natural laws that govern our universe. It’s easy to become fearful about the coming changes. However, it’s not necessary. Once we have gone through our fears we will find an expanded sense of meaning and freedom.  That’s a good thing, yes?

Along the way, there will an opportunity for many of us to evolve personally. This acceleration in our personal growth will mean moving to our opposite CTypes. Of all the blessings that will come humanity’s way in the coming shift, this mass movement to our opposites will certainly rank near the top. This movement toward our opposites will be both a guide and a lever to propel us into a better, more sustainable, more conscious world.

Thank you for reading my words. Thank you, thank you, thank you (David’s Relationship Mantra).

With conscious admiration and respect…