DreamWork – Perfect Life Guidance from Inner Wisdom

3057530383 fc6bf3792e m DreamWork – Perfect Life Guidance from Inner WisdomDreamWork – Perfect Life Guidance from Inner Wisdom

Imagine that there lives in you an inner being made of a tiny ball of light. This Being is all knowing and perfectly intelligent. The sole purpose of this Being is to give you perfect guidance every single day that you can use to create a balanced, fully expressed, happy human experience. There is such Being that lives in you and whispers His sage wisdom in your dreams every night. We call Him by many names such as God, Spirit, Inner Self, the One, Universal Intelligence, Love, Light and Inner Knowing. We will call this tiny ball of light that lives in each of us, Inner Wisdom.

Inner Wisdom lives in His sanctuary, which is located within our core essence. To receive His wisdom, we must journey to His magnificent abode. We make this journey each night when we enter the sleeping dream state. Imagine that Inner Wisdom speaks to us every twenty-four hours in a dream and tells us everything we need to know to be happy. However, He doesn’t speak in words. He speaks in the images, memories and feelings that we call dreams. Hidden within these dreams are the answers to life’s most profound questions.

Inner Wisdom’s message is clear. However, as it is filtered through the four parts of the mind, it becomes encoded in the language of the mind. Most dreams we remember take place in the Feminine Mind, which is emotions and memory. Notice that time and space do not exist in sleeping dreams. This is because time and space only come into existence when the Masculine Mind (thinking) wakes up from the sleep state. Without the mind, there is no time or space, only now and everywhere/nowhere. Because the Feminine Mind expresses in memory and emotions with no logical thinking, the expressions usually becomes the series of illogical scenes we call dreams. The message appears to be lost in this encoded illogical language of the Feminine Mind. However, Inner Wisdom has taught us how to retrieve the message through a process of dream interpretation that we call DreamWork.

The message that Inner Wisdom sends to us is holographic and exists in all areas of the dream. It also repeats all day long in the waking state. The message is quite subtle and is almost always drowned out by the “noise” created by the waking mind. However, in deep meditation, the message can be heard clearly. In essence, both deep meditation and the sleeping dream state take us to the abode of Inner Wisdom where He shares His guidance with us.

Through a Dream Assignment, we let Inner Wisdom know that we have a question about which we ask for His guidance (see Doing a Dream Assignment). Once we have captured the dream, Inner Wisdom has given us a process for unveiling His message through DreamWork Dream Interpretation. It is from this process that CTypes–Models for Relating with Self and Others emerged from Inner Wisdom.

Having been on a spiritual path for now 30 years and been privileged to experience many different bodies of transformational knowledge, I put DreamWork and CTypes at the top. DreamWork and CTypes put us face to face with ourselves and what Spirit has in mind for us. CType and DreamWork also identify what we are doing “wrong” in our lives and what we must do to become whole, happy human beings in life. DreamWork and CTypes are definitely accelerators on the spiritual path.

Thank you, thank you, thank you (David’s Relationship Mantra) for reading my words.

With admiration and respect,