Can CTypes Change The World?

Toltec Wisdom of don Miguel: Don’t Believe Others -Don’t Believe Me – But Most of All, Don’t Believe Yourself

bigstock Neurons 5563023 300x187 Can CTypes Change The World?I believe that CTypes can change the world. Why might I believe such a stretch in thinking? The answer lies in the fact that the world’s problems are created first in the mind of humanity and then in the chaos that gets reported as news. The seeds of this dysfunction are in individual thoughts and beliefs. Individual thoughts and beliefs are formed by our CTypes of the mind. We can think of CTypes as the DNA of individual thoughts and beliefs?

It is built into the DNA of our thoughts and beliefs that when we do too much of our natural CType thinking, our lives fall apart. Too much of any good thing becomes a problem. The difference between medicine and poison is dosage, yes? Also within that DNA of thinking is the solution to our problems: Move toward our CType opposites.

The Origins of Global Problems

(I was moved write this piece after reading the following excerpts from Kevin Foley’s email to Brad Blanton, both very thoughtful men.)

“The discussion question of the day is, ‘Why can having one’s personal worldview challenged be viewed as a personal threat?’ …The short answer is: Human beings tend to equate their beliefs with their innate identity. They mix up what they believe with who they are. This is a cognitive trick that has spelled disaster throughout human history. I believe this simple mistake of the mind is the cause of all wars and the cause of 99% of human suffering throughout history.

…All of this is not to say that beliefs can’t be useful or that they are never appropriate to play around with. Extreme attachment to beliefs, however, is the cultural sickness of our current day and era on planet earth.”

Just Because You Believe It Doesn’t Make It True

Strongly held beliefs are simply strongly held, often repeating thoughts. Regardless of how strongly held, strength of belief has no power to solve problems, collective, individual or otherwise. In fact, as the strength of the belief increases via doing more of our natural CType thinking, problems expand and multiply. I can’t tell you how many times I have had significant learning experiences because I did too much of my natural Scorpio Ctype thnking. And what does the mind do when faced with adversity? MORE of it natural CType thinking. It’s Einstein’s definition of insanity personified; Doing more of what’s not working somehow expecting a different result.

In individuals, we resolve problems and heal relationships by moving toward our CType opposites. When my life falls apart, I have to move toward Taurus thinking, Scorpio’s opposite. It is this move that solves problems, heal relationships in my life and allows me to raise my consciousness. As a human being, I grow and evolve to higher levels of consciousness by moving toward my opposite. It’s in my Scorpio DNA.

Can CTypes Change the World?

It’s also in the DNA of every human. If every human being on the planet went to their CType opposites tomorrow, the world would be transformed overnight. Imagine all the Virgos moving to Pisces, the Libras to Aries and so on. If we all moved toward our opposites, in very short order we would see the end of wars, hunger and the current general demise of our Mother Earth. Far fetched? Not at all. The negative fear-based thoughts and beliefs of our CType naturals have created the intractable mess we currently experience. The solution—move to our CType opposites. As on the inside—so on the outside.

Only One Way to Know–Test It For Yourself

Although I believe strongly in the blessing of CTypes, I avoid trying to convince others of its validity or power to transform life. Instead, I recommend that you try it in your own life, at work or in a troubled relationship. The proof is in the pudding, yes (smile)?


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