Attracting and Deepening Meaningful Relationships With the Opposite Sex

Why Relationships Between Men and Women Can Be So Challenging

bigstock Arm Wrestle   8810351 300x240 Attracting and Deepening Meaningful Relationships With the Opposite SexAs explained in my book, CTypes: Models for Relating Between Couples at All Stages of the Relationship, key parts of the psychological makeup of both men and women include a Masculine Mind that thinks and a Feminine Mind that feels (emotions). Yet, the identity of a man resides primarily in the Masculine Mind, and the identity of a woman resides primarily in the Feminine Mind. Because men in general are paying more attention to thinking and women in general are paying more attention to feelings and emotions, a communication gap between the sexes naturally exists.

While paying less attention to feelings and more to thinking, men are also more wary of expressing emotions when they feel them. They will thus tend to suppress their feelings through thinking. Women, on the other hand, will trust their feelings and emotions and express them more easily than men. In this way, because their identity is in the Feminine Mind, women generally bond, create relationships, and communicate more effectively than men. To women, feelings and emotions are more important than thinking and logic.

However, for both men and women, emotional energy is where the action is.

It is this emotional energy, the Feminine Mind, which determines the quality of relationships between men and women. How do you know a relationship is working? You feel it. How do you know a relationship is falling apart? You feel it. Emotional energy defines the quality of relationships and is critical in attracting empowering relationships. Negative thoughts carry with them negative emotions. Positive thoughts carry with them positive emotions. Negative thoughts create separation and positive thoughts are attractive and naturally deepen a relationship. It is all in the way we think.

Zodiac Thinking and Relationships Between the Sexes

Each of us comes into the world programmed to think in a specific way. This way of thinking is created by the date, time and place of birth and corresponds to the sun signs of the Western Zodiac. A Virgo does not think like a Scorpio or any of the other sun signs of the Zodiac. For example, Virgo thinking is described as Inwardly Directed Will or as a Virgo CType. Scorpio thinking is defined as Inwardly Directed Discrimination or as a Scorpio CType. Virgo and Scorpio CTypes are decidedly different ways of thinking. All twelve sun signs of the Zodiac think differently and it is this thinking that determines the quality of relationships between the sexes. We call this type of thinking Zodiac Thinking.

Enhancing and Deepening Relationships With the Opposite Sex With Zodiac Thinking

To attract a great relationship, or heal or deepen an existing relationship with the opposite sex, we have to change the thinking that has caused our challenges with the opposite sex. CTypes contains within its amazing body of knowledge the roadmap for making these types of changes in our Zodiac Thinking. Attracting Mr. or Ms. Right or healing an existing relationship between the sexes is just a new thought away.

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