The Astrology of Relationships

David Linda onabreak IMG 2816 12 150x150 The Astrology of RelationshipsAstrology and Our Relationships to Light and Each Other

It is a spiritual and Astrology principle that we are all connected. Are we somehow connected to the stars? Astrology and the signs of the Zodiac certainly seem to indicate that we are. Western science is coming to the same conclusion but in a different way. Physics, Astronomy, and Cosmology are finding that the universe, far from being mostly empty, is full of energy. Yes, we are all connected to the stars and to an unseen universe that is full of light (background radiation in the form of 400 million photons per cubic meter of space). We are in relationship with the whole of the universe, subtle as that relationship might be.

The human body has components necessary for life that do not come from earth. These necessary parts of us come from the stars in the form of stardust that gently wafts to earth every moment. Astrology says that we are greatly influenced by the position of heavenly bodies. I think that has to be true to some extent, possibly profoundly. Might Astrology and the relationships between humans be intertwined, too? This question I can answer unequivocally in the affirmative—but not in the way you might suspect.

Astrology, Human Relationships and the Star Signs (Sun signs) of Western Zodiac

Let me introduce you to the CTypes of the mind, which are created in each of us by the date, time and place of birth and correspond to the star signs (sun signs) of the Western Zodiac. CTypes, rather than being traditional Astrology, describe how each of us think. Think of CTypes as the DNA of the mind. Of course, our thinking greatly influences our behavior and thus our relationships with self and others. A Scorpio CType does not think like a Leo CType. On a date, a Virgo CType will not go into a relationship in the same way as an Aries CType. While each CType thinks and interacts differently with self and others, understanding CTypes creates the possibility of deepening and healing the most important relationships in our lives.

My wife, Linda, and I have been using CTypes to deepen our 40 year marriage, in being better parents with our three children, with family and extended family, and in our work. As a Scorpio husband and father, my being aware of my Scorpio thinking has allowed me change course when my Scorpio thinking was getting in the way of being a good man or dad. As a wife and mother, Linda being aware of her Sagittarius thinking allowed her to course correct in dealing with me or our Libra, Pisces, and Taurus CTypes children. With my Aries mother or Aquarius father—with Linda’s Cancer mother or Leo sister—we were able to solve problems and heal relationships that could not have been addressed in any other way. CTypes are the Astrology of relationships at its finest.

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