3 Simple Steps For Attracting A Virgo Man

How to Make a Virgo Man Find You Irresistible

How a Virgo (sun sign of the Western Zodiac) man thinks determines how he views the world, including his relationship with you. How he thinks also dramatically influences his behavior. If he thinks good thoughts, the thing about which he is thinking will become attractive to him. On the other hand, if his thoughts are negative, he will tend to pull away from that “negative” influence. How a Virgo man thinks is determined by his CType. Virgo CType is called Inwardly Directed Will. Let’s look at four things you can do to best related with a Virgo man.

Becoming Irresistable to a Virgo Man

1. Speak to Him in “Virgo Thinking” LanguageWhen speaking with him, he will be more comfortable with words that describe his Virgo thinking. Words like integrity, balance, whole, or complete will resonate with him. He may want to know that you move into relationships slowly and balance relationship with all parts of your life. You may, without going against yourself, want to give him some control of parts of the relationship. If there is change, show him how the change can be done in little pieces that fit easily into life. Acknowledge his problem-solving abilities.

2. Support His Virgo World View — He may hold a Pisces (sun sign Western Zodiac) view of himself, in which case he will think that it is important to get excited about one brightest thing in the outside world. He may believe that he is open to new ideas because he desires that to be the case. You might acknowledge his ability to focus and get excited about the thing upon which he is focused. Or, you might praise his view that he is open to change. The more you can communicate with him using appropriate Virgo/Pisces “language,” the easier it will be for him to resonate with your communication.

3. Learn What Scares and Challenges a Virgo Man— If you, female or male, are in a relationship with a male Virgo Partner, be aware that he may be quite resistant to change. Remember that Virgo Partner sees any change as complete change. If you push for change, he may well be overwhelmed. As a Virgo in relationship with a male Virgo Partner, be aware that he has a natural and mostly unconscious need to control the Feminine Mind. This manifests in the outside world as a need to control emotions or the women in his life. You must set boundaries to his control so that:

a) You do not go against yourself in the relationship,

b) You are able to focus on something/someone (maybe him?) in the outside world and get excited, and

c) Your expression of your Feminine Mind (emotions) opens space for him to release control of his Feminine Mind and get excited, possibly about you.

Express yourself honestly while giving him space to either continue controlling his emotions or, if he is ready to grow into the relationship, allow himself to feel and express his own emotions.

For more information on how attract a Virgo man or any male CType, visit David Dibble’s CType site or to go more in depth with CType specific relationships (such as a Libra woman relating with a Scorpio man) see the Couples Relationship Guides.

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