Relationships Mantra – Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

A Mantra for Conscious Relationships

bigstock Drop Of Water 1432954 300x198 Relationships Mantra – Thank You, Thank You, Thank YouTo get the full value of CTypes work required a certain level of conscious awareness. The repetition of a mantra can be very helpful in pulling an individual into awareness where he/she can work with CTypes to enhance relationships with self and others.

Wikipedia – A mantra is a sound, syllable, word, or group of words that are considered capable of “creating transformation” (cf.spiritual transformation).[1] Their use and type varies according to the school and philosophy associated with the mantra.

Introduction to the Power of Mantra:

Dibbleism: Every word starts with a thought. If we want to be impeccable with our words, we must first be impeccable with our thoughts.

Having been exposed to a number of eastern mantras, I can attest to their power and usefulness in quieting and changing the mind. The mind values thoughts via the amount of emotional energy associated with the thought and by the amount of repetition of a thought or belief. High amounts of emotional energy will place high value on a thought. A thought that repeats often will also have high value. Mantras, when used properly, will have both high emotional energy and a high frequency of repetition.

Some powerful “mantras” are unconscious and destructive. If, on automatic, your mind constantly repeats the “mantra”,  there are no good men in the world, or  commitment to a relationship is prison, your mind will begin to create that reality.  Formal or informal, mantras are powerful. Let’s look at creating a mantra that will begin to pull to you deeper, more intimate relationships with self and others. But first, we must be aware that the power of thoughts and words literally changes the physical reality.

The Groundbreaking Work of Masaru Emoto

In Masaru Emoto’s amazing book The Hidden Messages in Water, he shows scientifically the power of words to change the crystalline structure of water/ice. The words that have the most power to create perfect crystalline structures in water are around gratitude. Think for a moment of the 70% of your body being water–that water in your body is somehow “alive” in the sense that it is dramatically effected by your words and thoughts–that your words and thoughts have similar effect on all water including the “water” of our relationships. Here we have a profound manifestation of the mind/body connection.

I awoke in the middle of the night a number of years ago with a start. I saw clearly that the mantra that we should be teaching to Conscious CTypes or those on the path to more meaningful relationships with self and others should be: Thank you-Thank you-Thank you. And so it is.

I say this mantra to myself many times each day. When someone cuts me off on the road, I immediately say Thank you-Thank you-Thank you. Instead of saying the usual thank you to the clerk in the store, I say Thank you-Thank you-Thank you. If I can’t sleep at might, I breathe and repeat Thank you-Thank you-Thank you. Soon I’m off to dreamland. If I’m watching my mind (which I’m constantly working to do), it’s the first thing I think in the morning and the last thing I think about at night. I am so grateful for my life and my work and my humanity…and CTypes–Thank you-Thank you-Thank you.

Practice, of course, is key. Do your best at first. Repeat the mantra before meals. When you would normally say a simple thank you, repeat the mantra (in an appropriate way). When he or she says that thing that always sets you off, repeat the mantra. As a Conscious CType, you will be impressed by the positive power of this mantra to smooth relationships with self and others. You will be more than impressed by the changes you will experience in your own life and in the lives or those your touch in the repeating The Mantra for Conscious Relationships– Thank you-Thank you-Thank you.

Thank you for reading my words - Thank you-Thank you-Thank you

With admiration and respect…