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A Growing and Evolving 40-Year Relationship With Self and Others
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David Dibble: Linda and I have been on our spiritual paths for 30 years. Along the way we have  had some wonderful teachers and been privileged to study and practiced a number of powerful bodies of knowledge (Rec Reading Spiritual). I’ve been blessed to evolve, at some level, into a spiritual teacher. Although much of my work in the last 20 years has been in the workplace where my expertise in Conscious Leadership (www.NewConsciousSystems.com) and Systems Thinking proved valuable Rec Reading Conscious Leadership, my heart has always been in personal and spiritual growth. Personal and spiritual growth is, of course, about our relationships with self and others. Of all the bodies of knowledge that have accelerated our ability to create deeper, more meaningful relationships with self and others, CTypes is at the top of the list. Today, I feel as though we have been preparing for 30 years to take CTypes into the world in a significant and meaningful way. I am honored to do this as my dharma and higher purpose for work in this lifetime.

I have written  five books including CTypesCreating Intimacy and Deeper Meaning Between Couples at All Stages of the Relationship, CTypes–Models for Relating, DreamWork Dream Interpretation, The New Agreements in the Workplace, and The New Agreements in Healthcare (David’s books). For eight years, we studied directly with  don Miguel Ruiz, author of the worldwide bestseller, The Four Agreements.

I have been married to beautiful Linda for 40 years and we have three grown children who light up our lives. My  favorite things to do are teaching, writing, speaking, surfing, laughing, launching golf balls into sand traps, lakes and bushes (smile), and throwing bricks through the TV at the end of every Charger season. I also do most of the cooking in our home, specializing in fresh, organic, healthy and tasty meals that nourish mind, body and spirit (yum).David Linda Salute1 300x224 About Us

Linda Dibble: People who know Linda say she is the closest thing to an angel they have met. Aside from the mental lapse of saying yes when I asked her to marry me, she is an amazing human being. She is a life coach, spiritual coach, and husband (me) coach. She is expert in CTypes™, DreamWork dream interpretation, and deepening relationships with self and others. She is a teacher of meditation, practices yoga daily, and has been on her spiritual path for 30 years.

Paws 150x150 About Usdon Vinnie Dibble: Vinnie is our new addition, the Chihuahua. I call him don Vinnie because he now rules the Dibble household with an iron paw. His duties include barking, jumping on things, chewing to small bits everything of value, begging, whining, scratching, sleeping, eating and doing his business in various hard to reach places. I’ll write often about the reign of terror of don Vinnie in the Humor section of this website.

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  • Relationships Mantra – Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

    A Mantra for Conscious Relationships To get the full value of CTypes work required a certain level of conscious awareness. The repetition of a mantra can be very helpful in pulling an individual into awareness where he/she can work with CTypes to enhance relationships with self and others. Wikipedia – A mantra is a sound, syllable, word, or group […]

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    30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee We want you to be completely satisfied and so offer our service risk free for 30 days. If you’re not completely satisfied with our service, or products, simply contact us to request a refund within 30 days. We’ll promptly refund your purchase with a smile. If you’ve any questions please contact us.

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    Everything is Energy–Everything is Light Everything is Connected We Are One Our Vision: Conscious CTypes enhancing relationships with self and others worldwide Our Mission: To provide necessary CTypes tools, practices. and training to those who wish to create deeply meaningful relationships with self and others. Things We Value : Conscious CTypes Bringing People Together Worldwide […]

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    A Spiritual Experience That Changed My Relationship With Self and Others Each of us comes into life with a purpose, a life purpose, a higher purpose. A part of each of us yearns to know and be aligned with our higher purpose. For many of us who have not yet discovered our purpose, life becomes […]