I Thought 16 Years In A Rocky Marriage Was Normal…Or Even Good…

Then I Discovered the Hidden Force That Was
Behind the Problems in All My Relationships

LindaDavidTeo 21 300x225 My husband, David, and I celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary in April. Yes that’s an astonishing…14,512 days…with the same man! Along the way we were lucky to practice and teach some great relationship building and wound-healing tools like the Four Agreements. We even took groups of couples on healing journeys to places like the pyramids outside Mexico City. Here couples could experience the source of the Four Agreements and all loving relationships, an open heart.

Still, probably like your own relationships with men, not everything was always peaches and cream for me either. In fact, was it not for something I heard about over 23 years ago, I probably wouldn’t be writing this letter to you right now.

Let’s face it, relationships with guys can be hard work! And my relationship with David is no different. Let me tell you…

bigstock Arm Wrestle   8810351 300x240 It used to irritate the heck out of me trying to understand what goes on in his mind…the mind of a man!! Why do guys always seem to do those little things that make no sense to us women? Those “Little Things” that have a way of becoming big things that strain relationships? Some of this may feel familiar to you but I wondered:

  • Why did he wear the same things over and over when he had nice new clothes hanging in the closet?
  • Why couldn’t he be more enthusiastic about family visits?
  • When he was troubled, why did he tend to be so inward and intense?
  • Why did he want to solve my problems when I only wanted him to listen to me?
  • Why was he so passionate about some things but not the things I thought were important?

I could go on and on, and I’m sure you could too, with similar questions about the man in your life.

It Couldn’t Be This Simple…Could It?

23 years ago I began studying an amazing body of knowledge that described how we think. Men and women think differently. Of course, we all know that but now I knew why men think differently and more importantly how to deal with the differences in our thinking.

If we women can understand the differences in how we think and how our men think, a lot of the misunderstandings with the men in our lives start to make sense. HeaderCT no logo 300x33 Once we can make sense of it, we can begin to resolve our differences and deepen our relationships. David and I call this wonderful body of knowledge CTypes, short for Character Types for thinking.

CTypes are created by date, time, and place of birth and correspond to the signs of the Western Zodiac. David and I have created for you a Snapshot of your Astrology sun sign thinking. It’s free. All you have to do give us your sun sign and email and we’ll send you your Snapshot. If you have a man in your life, let us know and we’ll send you a Snapshot for his sun sign thinking, too. Although comprehensive Relationship Guides for each sun sign combination in any couple’s relationship are for sale on our website, I think you will gain a lot of insight from the Snapshot Guides.

By using CTypes, when David and I had our problems, we immediately knew why. With this understanding, we could heal and deepen the relationship faster and with much less hurt feelings or laid blame.

Lindas Mothers 85th Birthday Were All Someones Children 300x225 As our relationship grew and deepened, it spilled over into us becoming better parents-as a team! This was very important for me. Even today, although our kids are grown and doing great, I worry about them. This is my Sagittarius thinking at its finest.

This I believe with all my heart: When you begin to understand your thinking and the thinking of those closest to you, your life will change. Your existing relationships will be more fulfilling. And you will begin to attract new, more deeply meaningful relationships. I do believe in the Law of Attraction. With more self understanding and a deeper awareness of how others think and behave based upon their CType, you will naturally become more “attractive” to the kindred spirit relationships that bring joy into your life.

There are no accidents. You’ve read this far for a reason. Join David and me in learning about the incredible gift of CTypes.

I love and admire you,

Linda Dibble

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